Residential Tint /Commercial


Commercial and residential tint film has numerous benefits. Window tinting can reduce heat from the sun, reject most ultraviolet light and reduce glare. The sun and the UV rays can be thorns in the flesh or skin and destroy your skin as well as your beautiful home furniture.
Commercial or Residential tint Films come in different degrees, giving you the ability to customize to your situation. Window tinting film also adds privacy without the use of blinds or curtains. Since this film reduces heat from the sun, you will also notice a decrease in your electric bill and less cost in your AC unit.

Our home and office window tints are designed to block out not only UV rays but also glare and heat. Imagine your home without fighting the glare of the sunlight on your TV screen and your glossy tables. Imagine how much you would save when you do not have to pay to cool down because you would feel cool either way with our window and glass door tint.

Residential Tint Laval

We provide security window tinting films. Safety is a top priority for your business or home. Security films comes in a variety of thickness that helps hold windows and glass in place after a break-in.

Our expert and highly skilled tint service providers have you covered for all your home window tinting needs.

From maximum reflective heat rejection, to light transparency maintaining storefront visibility. We can keep your family, visitor, customers and employees comfortable and cool!